Moving With, Moving Against

I am a drop of water riding a wave. Am I moving, or is the wave moving?

As part of the wave, I am not moving within it. There is nothing in the wave that I am moving against. The wave is moving me.

If I am moving, it has to be in relation to an external something that I am not moving with: other waves, some moving slower, some faster, in relation to reference points that I think of as immobile.

As a wave, we are moving together, we carry each other. Inside the wave, being carried and carrying others are indistinguishable.

From a certain distance, the wave becomes a place. Its moving back and forth is constrained within limits. Zoom out more and the sum of all waves becomes a place—a system of internal movement that appears static when looked at from the outside.

Are we going anywhere or are we just marking the boundaries of a place? Am I moving? Who am I moving with? Who am I moving against? What is this place that we are moving within?

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