we are hyperdimensional resonators

our physical form is misleading. sometimes it almost had me believe that we are what we can see with our eyes.

we are not.

we are hyperdimensional resonators. so many, just so many dimensions.

it’s our limitations, our needs, that make us feel.

we explore this vast space of ways of being. we make virtually infinitely specific connections to each other.

we are astounding.

the most tangible indication of the complexity of our being can be found in language: what justifies its power? why is it necessary?

it’s because we are so diverse, so flexible, so unique, so mysterious, that even just to point at a rough idea of our location in this space of possibilities, a deep disambiguation tree is required.

without language, our beings would be even more hidden from each other. unspeakable differences, separated paths without a map.

i can be right in front of you and yet mostly hidden. a unifying shell worn as a mask around an isolated world.

we live in the same world by one meaning, and we absolutely do not live in the same world by another meaning.

sometimes we feel the amplifying power of discovering shared ways of feeling, experiencing. for a moment, our patterns align.

we are physical beings, but the way in which we are physical is not obvious.

it’s our needs that make us feel, that motivate us to reach out, with hands and with words, reach out and point and push and pull to get closer to a place of safety and growth.

it’s because living a human life is so difficult that we are able to feel joy and pain with such intensity.

the highs, when we find each other, can be very very high. the lows, when we lose what we care about, can be very very low.

we feel good when we find resonance. and quite often it takes a detour through the imaginary numbers of thought, of words, to get to the real numbers result we end up feeling in the flesh.

at any given moment in time, our being is as much imaginary as real.

this music i’m listening to is very much physical, but part of the reason that it makes me feel things has to do with my past, memories of hopes, desires, emotions that have guided my self-preservation a long time ago.

i am still here. i observe and conduct the changing of this pattern.

stability, periodicity, waves of motion and emotion, moving, staying in motion, feeling moved, moved to action, activated, feeling satisfaction when pushing against a boundary, thanks to being limited.

looking up, i see all of you, mostly hidden from my view. i know you’re there, writing your own story as you discover it, as you navigate from moment to moment.

i raise my imaginary hand and wave at you. thank you for following this trace.

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